Keep It Simple (KIS)


Keep It Simple (KIS) is a pilot peer education project targeting recreational drug users in the club, festival & events context. The KIS website provides harm minimisation tips regarding drug use, mental and sexual health issues. Peer educators provide information in structured settings eg at events, clubs, festivals, and raves. Peer educators provide information in informal settings ie talking to friends, family and work collegues.Qualitative and quantitative research methods were used to externally evaluate the project. Peer knowledge increased after training and increased knowledge was retained after one year of being involved in the project. Most partnerships have been maintained and new ones formed. Peer confidence in conducting peer education increased. As in previous years the training was highly rated by the KIS peers. Over 50% of questions answered by the target group were incorrect showing that factual information was passed on. Young males are more likely to make contact with the intervention - an encouraging result as males are traditionally harder to reach than females. In summary, the KIS project has met all of its stated aims and objectives. As a result, the KIS project won the National Award for Excellence in Prevention at the 2006 National Drug and Alcohol Awards.