Eclipse Psychedelic Ambulance


During festivals, party peers, friends, security, MDs and first aid staff often have a lack of understanding of the dynamics of drugs and "talking down" methods to support drug users to cope with negative effects. Most of the users that suffer from an acute but temporary crises related to drug use are transported to hospital. Eclipse offers, with the Psychedelic Ambulance, psychological support using "talking down" strategies. The users in crisis are supported one on one by a trained volunteer in a relaxation room. The service is built in the chill out area of the event.The objectives of the Psychedelic ambulance are to enhance the knowledge of party goers about drugs and avoid hospitalisation of party goers in an acute, but temporary, psychedelic crisis.The Psychedelic ambulance is an innovative project in the European nightlife scene and has not been evaluated very well. However, the experience suggests that this method is working well for users that suffer from an illegal drug induced bad trip.