Regional Network of Street Units

Contact name: 
Edoardo Polidori
Edoardo Polidori, Chief of the Drug Unit of Forla; Marco Battini (Giovanni XXIII, Reggio Emilia); Michele Zani (consultant, Regione Emilia Romagna)
+39 335 5791867
Address: Italy
+39 0543 733470



In different cities of the same region we have different kinds of interventions and different philosophies. There was no training, and there was confrontation between different staff.


To develop a regional network and to offer training and support for street workers.


These include:

  • Periodical meetings;
  • Discussions between professionals involved;
  • Regional mailing lists;
  • Circulation of information;
  • Partnership with the University of Bologna to develop a "Master" course for street workers (It will start in June 2009).

At the moment we focus a lot of attention on youngsters and nightlife, but we have to pay attention to the use/abuse of drugs and alcohol in marginalized people.

Intervention details

Type of intervention
Environmental strategy prevention, Universal prevention, Selective prevention, Indicated prevention
Problem addressed
Illegal drugs, Alcohol, Poly drug use, Binge drinking, Dehydration / overheating, Overdosing, Unwanted sexual behaviour, Impaired driving, Legislation
Intervention setting
Mass Media
Target population

Youngsters (aged 15-25)and the homeless (aged 30 or more).

Substances adressed
All substances
Strategic target group (social agents acting as intermediaries between intervention and target group)

Youngsters (age 15-25) and the homeless (aged 30 or more).

Intervention activities
Providing information
Informative talk or lecture
Use of media
Counseling help and treatment
Dissemination of leaflets; presence of infopoint during the night in disco or clubs; presence during "big" musical events
Theory/evidence behind the intervention

Different situations in different cities.

Specific training required?
Training is needed on counselling, and on substances.
Time required to run
It varies: in big cities, every day for at least 2-3 hours. In other cities, 2-3 days a week. For youngsters in the weekend for many hours (from 11pm to 5am or later)
Other resource requirements

In some cases it is better if there is a MD "expert" on drug abuse.

Evaluation details

Evaluation type (e.g. process, outcome, cost-effectiveness)
Process evaluation
Activities evaluated

All, but we evaluate projects not single activities.

Type of evaluator (e.g. external consultant, internal evaluator)
Internal evaluator
Evaluation results (Process evaluation)

Financial problems have limited the activities in some cities. Club owners generally support these kinds of activities.

Evaluation references

Evaluation of activities of street Units in Regione Emilia-Romagna. Official act of the regional network of street units.